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Fear is a very powerful emotion. It can completely shut you down, and it can cause a wide variety of unnatural emotions and visions in our heads.

Why are we fearful? In my case, it is because I do not want to lose the most important thing in my life… my wife. I try my hardest to be the very best I can be each day for her. I have never loved anything more than my wife, including myself.

In order to over come those fears we have to communicate our emotions in a constructive manner. Express your concerns, but do it in a manner that is beneficial to everyone. If you explain your thoughts and why you are fearful, most of the time it is only because we allow things to get into our heads without reason.

The mind is a very powerful thing, and it can do more harm than good if we let it. In everything I do, I want my wife to be a part of it. All major decisions have to be agreed on by both of us. Value each other’s opinions, work together as a team, and it will make a stronger relationship.

In the end, relationships take work, so listen to each other. Do whatever is necessary to remove those fears, but be honest about your emotions. My wife thought me what is important in life which is why I work so hard each day for my wife and family.


Having a bad day? A hug will make it better.

We all have those days we wish we could just start over. Instead of getting upset, think about the wonderful things in your life. In the big picture, those things are really nothing. They are small obstacles.

When I am having a bad, I look at a picture of my wife, or in most cases, I reach out for her embrace. A hug is a powerful thing. No matter what the issue might be or the pain you are experiencing, a hug takes away everything. Why? Maybe a hug is somewhat hypnotic because it creates a bubble of security around you for that brief moment in time. Its powers are so strong as its embrace penetrates the soul so one may forgive, love, heal, or believe.

It can be thought of as a type of kryptonite. Even the most harden of people fall weak to it arms. A hug is something special, so take the time to hug your family. Kiss your spouse and hug them when they are having a bad day.

In the end, sometimes words are not needed, just a hug.

What is the right choice?

Very simply….

Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong it is not a hard thing to do. I would never dishonor my wife ever. In everything I do I ask myself, “would my wife approve if I……”

I never put myself in a position where it would make myself or my spouse feel uncomfortable. If you are married or in a dedicated and committed relationship, flirting is NOT ok with someone else ever. It is hurtful and dishonest. More than anything it shows how much you actually do not respect the other person or their feelings.

A job is simply a job. You pay bills. Nothing more. Should you like it? Absolutely. Your family and spouse should be what you eat, breathe, and sleep for everyday. It’s not about you anymore, it is about the other person who is busting their ass for you because they are deeply and passionately in love with you. Reciprocate that love and passion. They deserve it.

In the end, take a hard look at who you are because you may not like what you see if you do an honest assessment of your self. You committed your life to that other person, so make sure you tell them and show them how much you love them.

I love my wife. She is the greatest gift I have ever received. It is an honor to have her trust me with her heart, and as her husband, I will do everything in my power to preserve that trust.

Is is ok to be selfish?

Each person has their own perspective about the life they want to live. As we grow older we start to mature and other factors must be considered.

Is it ok to be selfish? The answer lies within. You have to decide what things are most important in your life. What things are you willing to give up for your family and your future? We want to be successful professionally, and we want to be successful personally. In other words, the single most important thing to me is being a great husband. I refuse to let my wife and kids down. The rest is just icing.

Do I want to be successful in my professional life? Absolutely! However, in my decision I have to factor in things like how much time will I miss with my wife and kids? Will this job divide our relationship or bring us closer together? Will the income help sustain us long term and help us reach our financial goals? Will I be happy and feel like I am making a difference?

While I may seek the professional opinion of the people I trust, I rarely reach out to anyone. Instead, I seek the advice of my wife. The way I look at it is that she will always be honest, and good or bad, I will get the feedback I need to make a decision. Ultimately, she is who I have to answer too.

So, it is ok to be selfish, but you must make your decisions with some restraint and caution. What looks like a good thing could end up being a very bad decision. Unilateral decision making is rarely the best way to go, but you know you better than anyone. Seek out advice and take it into consideration. Do not be forced into a decision you do not want to make. Instead, weight out the pro’s and con’s, make a list of any questions or concerns, and discuss them in a constructive manner. Most of the time you will come to a solid decision.

In the end, we get one shot at our life. Make the most of it personally and professionally. Weigh out the options and move forward without regret.

Don’t Sweat the small stuff

Life is complicated enough. Bill’s, kids, work, and your relationship can bring a lot of stress if we allow it. The key is to find balance.

Prioritize your life. Unfortunately, work and bills go together. Reduce your debt, get rid of unnecessary bills, and account for every penny. Work together as a team to knock out the debt. You will reap the rewards together because then there is a sense of accomplishment and team building which are crucial for any relationship.

It is easy to bring the stress of work home. If you need to vent, do so in a manor in which your spouse will understand. Make them a part of it. I love getting feedback from my wife. Yet, she will put me in my place very quickly if I start to push my frustration on her.

Make time for your family because there will come a time when they are gone. I love my nightly talks with our youngest and my wife. There is nothing more enjoyable than to have a conversation with a child about their day. It puts things into perspective. Ending my day where I started it holding my wife tight in my arms is the best feeling in the world. That is what life is about.

In the end, life is about experiences. Let the small stuff go that causes you stress. Enjoy your family and the time you have with one another.


Marriage is suppose to be a partnership. If you have a bad day, lean on the other person to get through it. Your better half might surprise you and offer words of wisdom. In many cases, we just need to vent. Active listening is the best trait anyone can achieve.

What I have noticed is that’s it’s ok for her to feel insecure, say crazy things, or be emotional for absolutely no reason at all, but…….I cannot!!!!

One of my Citadel classmates said it best… “she is always right even when she is not.”

I love my wife more than my own life, and I will always put her first. I had a lot of growing up to do a couple years ago, but her arms are the best place on earth. We make a great team, and we have a great partnership.

In the end, some times you have to pick your battles. Be careful in your words and actions. Always strive for a better partnership.

The Lost Art of Active Listening

Our life is made up of a broad series of interactions and relationships. Each one is an opportunity to make a situation better, or leave a bad impression.

Personal relationships are no different. We want those around us to listen when we have a problem or a concern. It is our hope, that person can provide support, direction, and understanding. However, when the roles are reversed or when two people have competing interest, the art of active listening can get lost through our own selfishness to make sure our needs are met. In turn, we make things worse than better, and both parties end up leaving the conversation disappointed.

Active listening can be accomplished by repeating the points the person talking is saying to you. In doing so, it lets the other person know you clearly understand what they are saying. Remember, it is not about you. They are talking so keep your mouth shut and listen. If you need clarity, just ask them to explain. Finally, be respectful. It is easy to come across as not caring. Make sure you look them in the eyes, provide feedback when asked, and actively listen.

After they have expressed their concerns, do not complain, or even express you need more from them because it is a very vulnerable time. It could come across as what they are doing is not good enough. Thus, it could hurt them.

In the end, active listening is a lost art. Take the time to show them you sincerely care by listening and following thru with what they need from you.

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