Pregnancy- A Husbands Perspective

My wife is 30 weeks pregnant with our son, and I have never experienced something as emotional as this journey. It has been without a doubt a humble experience.

I truly love my wife. I have supported her throughout this experience and throughout our marriage. She has shown me the importance of life, which is why I have embraced this pregnancy so much. I have watched the pain and joy of pregnancy, and I have to admit, there is something so beautiful about it.

I hate she has to endure the nausea and vomiting from some of those meals little man just doesn’t agree with right now. Seeing her body change is amazing. While she may feel odd at times, I can tell you there is nothing more beautiful in this world. She is perfect! I love touching her belly, helping her up, and doing all I can for her when she lets me.

There are a lot of people who try for years to have a child. In some cases, there are those who will never get to experience this incredible journey. As a soon to be father and husband for a couple of years I can assure you, there are times she will feel unattractive. Hug her more, reassure her of the depth of your love, reprioritize things, and make sure she always knows just how deeply in love with her you are.

In closing, child birth is no joke. It is hard on her body, so make sure you appreciate the process and your wife as she is making a huge sacrifice. To my wife…. thank you for all you do, I love you, and it is an honor to be your husband and father of our child.

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