So let me tell you about my wife….

Relationships and marriage are one of the most frustrating and rewarding things anyone can put them selves through if BOTH of you are completely devoted to one another. It takes work, understanding, patience, love, honesty, passion, forgiveness, and commitment.

I want to share my story because I hope it will help others see in their significant other / spouse, what I see in my wife.

It is not easy. I have given up so much in my life because those things were no longer my priority. Instead, I put my wife and kids first. Why? Because I want to be the example for others to follow, and more importantly I never want to let her down.

My wife is the most beautiful woman on this planet in my eyes, inside and out. I am proud of her accomplishments and for the ones she will get in the future. She is the only person I have ever worked so hard for because it is important she knows the family comes first. When she hugs me it brings me to tears because I have never felt anything like her embrace. When we are apart, I close my eyes and I can trace every inch of her face and body just as if she was with me. I have never truly loved myself until she showed me I could. She showed me the right way to love her, what true happiness is, and how to nurture our marriage. I never knew what true love was until her.

She is a strong willed and empowered, and has type A personality. We have are issues just like everyone else, but I will never quit on her. I will never hurt her. I will ALWAYS love her and give her all of me in this life and the next.

So you see, my wife is incredible. She is probably a super hero and she hasn’t told me yet! Seriously, the point is this. When things start to go south, work through it, think about all the reasons you love them. We all have bad days, but we depend on one another to help us get through it. Team, always, always, always be a team.

To my beautiful bride I love you. Thank you for loving me.

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