Having a bad day? A hug will make it better.

We all have those days we wish we could just start over. Instead of getting upset, think about the wonderful things in your life. In the big picture, those things are really nothing. They are small obstacles.

When I am having a bad, I look at a picture of my wife, or in most cases, I reach out for her embrace. A hug is a powerful thing. No matter what the issue might be or the pain you are experiencing, a hug takes away everything. Why? Maybe a hug is somewhat hypnotic because it creates a bubble of security around you for that brief moment in time. Its powers are so strong as its embrace penetrates the soul so one may forgive, love, heal, or believe.

It can be thought of as a type of kryptonite. Even the most harden of people fall weak to it arms. A hug is something special, so take the time to hug your family. Kiss your spouse and hug them when they are having a bad day.

In the end, sometimes words are not needed, just a hug.

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