Is is ok to be selfish?

Each person has their own perspective about the life they want to live. As we grow older we start to mature and other factors must be considered.

Is it ok to be selfish? The answer lies within. You have to decide what things are most important in your life. What things are you willing to give up for your family and your future? We want to be successful professionally, and we want to be successful personally. In other words, the single most important thing to me is being a great husband. I refuse to let my wife and kids down. The rest is just icing.

Do I want to be successful in my professional life? Absolutely! However, in my decision I have to factor in things like how much time will I miss with my wife and kids? Will this job divide our relationship or bring us closer together? Will the income help sustain us long term and help us reach our financial goals? Will I be happy and feel like I am making a difference?

While I may seek the professional opinion of the people I trust, I rarely reach out to anyone. Instead, I seek the advice of my wife. The way I look at it is that she will always be honest, and good or bad, I will get the feedback I need to make a decision. Ultimately, she is who I have to answer too.

So, it is ok to be selfish, but you must make your decisions with some restraint and caution. What looks like a good thing could end up being a very bad decision. Unilateral decision making is rarely the best way to go, but you know you better than anyone. Seek out advice and take it into consideration. Do not be forced into a decision you do not want to make. Instead, weight out the pro’s and con’s, make a list of any questions or concerns, and discuss them in a constructive manner. Most of the time you will come to a solid decision.

In the end, we get one shot at our life. Make the most of it personally and professionally. Weigh out the options and move forward without regret.

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