Don’t Sweat the small stuff

Life is complicated enough. Bill’s, kids, work, and your relationship can bring a lot of stress if we allow it. The key is to find balance.

Prioritize your life. Unfortunately, work and bills go together. Reduce your debt, get rid of unnecessary bills, and account for every penny. Work together as a team to knock out the debt. You will reap the rewards together because then there is a sense of accomplishment and team building which are crucial for any relationship.

It is easy to bring the stress of work home. If you need to vent, do so in a manor in which your spouse will understand. Make them a part of it. I love getting feedback from my wife. Yet, she will put me in my place very quickly if I start to push my frustration on her.

Make time for your family because there will come a time when they are gone. I love my nightly talks with our youngest and my wife. There is nothing more enjoyable than to have a conversation with a child about their day. It puts things into perspective. Ending my day where I started it holding my wife tight in my arms is the best feeling in the world. That is what life is about.

In the end, life is about experiences. Let the small stuff go that causes you stress. Enjoy your family and the time you have with one another.

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