Marriage is suppose to be a partnership. If you have a bad day, lean on the other person to get through it. Your better half might surprise you and offer words of wisdom. In many cases, we just need to vent. Active listening is the best trait anyone can achieve.

What I have noticed is that’s it’s ok for her to feel insecure, say crazy things, or be emotional for absolutely no reason at all, but…….I cannot!!!!

One of my Citadel classmates said it best… “she is always right even when she is not.”

I love my wife more than my own life, and I will always put her first. I had a lot of growing up to do a couple years ago, but her arms are the best place on earth. We make a great team, and we have a great partnership.

In the end, some times you have to pick your battles. Be careful in your words and actions. Always strive for a better partnership.

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I have a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, with a concentration in International Peace and Conflict, and I am a National Registry Paramedic with 30 years in emergency services as a provider and educator. View all posts by PhDMedic

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