Make Every Day Count

Each morning is a new opportunity. You can reach for the stars or reach for the couch. Whatever you think will make your day better, by all means do it. There is no right or wrong way to spend your time. Society places a huge amount of emphasis on accomplishing things and getting things done. What are those things? Mowing the yard? Shopping? Making dinner for the family? Going to the gym? The only person who knows if you made the most of the day is you. If you want to take a day off from work and do nothing but watch T.V. and sleep, then do it! If you want to spend time with your husband or wife, then do it! However, I believe those intangible qualities in a human being to be selfless, and share their time with the person they love the most, tend to create the most loving memories for those involved. This is how I make every day count. I love spending time with my beautiful bride to be and the kids. Nothing will ever replace those memories, nor the precious time I get to spend with them.

About PhDMedic

I have a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, with a concentration in International Peace and Conflict, and I am a National Registry Paramedic with 30 years in emergency services as a provider and educator. View all posts by PhDMedic

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