When You Hate Coming to Work

When you get up in the morning and your first thought is, “I absolutely hate my job,” then it is time for a change. Many things could have gotten you to the point you are at: co-workers, a boss, being underpaid, under appreciated, micromanaging, burnout, stress, boredom, travel, over time, or your relationships. Why did we allow ourselves to get to this point? Many of us feel trapped because of our current salary, fear of the unknown, or starting over.


The conflict lies within our selves. Do we take a chance? Some say, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” Change is difficult, but if you hate going to work, take a chance and change jobs. You will never know if you don’t try. I know financial issues dictate a lot. If you are not in a position to change, then work on putting your self in a position to make a change.


Jacqeulyn Smith, a Forbes Staffer, provides 14 signs when its time to leave your job, these include: lack of passion, when you are miserable coming to work, your company is sinking, you really dislike the people you are working with, your work-related stress is affecting your physical health, you don’t believe in your company and its values, your performance is suffering, you no longer have a good work-life balance, your skills are not being utilized, your ideas are not being heard, more responsibility with same pay, you are stagnant, and any form of harassment. If any of these apply to you, then you should strongly consider finding another job. If you are having a difficult time figuring out your best course of action then develop a list of pro’s and con’s. Talk to your support group about the list, and listen to their insight. Ultimately, the decision is yours, so take your time, think about what will provide the most value to your life, and never look back and second guess your decision.


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I have a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, with a concentration in International Peace and Conflict, and I am a National Registry Paramedic with 30 years in emergency services as a provider and educator. View all posts by PhDMedic

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