There are things in life we do not understand, we look to blame others, we see fault in everything, and we wish pain and suffering upon those who tend make us unhappy. Recently, I did not get promoted for two separate positions. Not only was I mad, I was pretty upset that the people who were promoted were inept, dishonest, and not qualified for those positions. I could not understand how someone with a PhD, 27 years of field experience, and above average to excellent evaluations for the last 17 years, could be turned down. However, I came across a You Tube video that spoke volumes to me by Jocko Willink, titled, “Good.”

If you watched the video, then you can see the power of the mind, and the power you have as an individual when things go wrong. We may not understand the significance of the situation because we are blinded with anger. However, some “Good” does come from it. What I learned was I will always stay true to who I am. I will not sacrifice the things I believe in for a position. Poor leaders are born from selfishness. The “good ole boy” system is full of flaws, political incorrectness, discrimination, and poor management. Those who work in the trenches do not respect these types of leaders, they know who encourages them, and leads them when things go bad. Respect is earned not demanded, and true leaders lead from the front.

Ultimately, take responsibility for your actions and inaction’s. In any situation, it is important that each person takes the time to look at themselves through an unfiltered lens. We must be honest with ourselves, do an assessment of our strengths and weakness, and take the “opportunity” to get better.

In the end, we can only control one person, and it is ourselves. We can look at whatever we are dealing with and decide to take advantage of the situation or continue on a path of self destruction. After all, people are still depending on you to do your best, even in the worse circumstances. To quote Jocko, “Get up, Dust off, Reload, Re calibrate, Reengage, and go on the attack.” Show people you are a fighter, no matter the circumstance, you will get back up every single time, and never quit.

About PhDMedic

I have a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, with a concentration in International Peace and Conflict, and I am a National Registry Paramedic with 30 years in emergency services as a provider and educator. View all posts by PhDMedic

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