Principals of a Politician

I was sitting here listening to the news, thinking about the run for the 2016 Presidential race. This could be one of the most important political races held because of the increase of conflict world wide. Instead of political rhetoric and empty promises, it would be nice to see someone who is honest, represents all Americans, and will actually do their best to decrease the escalation of violence while providing sustainable actions.

In the essay titled, “Patriotic Values and Policies: A Ten-Principal Plan” from the book, “The True Patriot” written by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer, they believe any political policy is based upon values rooted in the system of the United States. I am here to argue this is the problem with the political policy process and politicians. The foundation from which our country was built is not the problem, and the majority will agree about the fundamental rights and responsibilities we have as citizens. Instead, look deeper at those who are suppose to serve our best interest. Ask yourself, are they really serving the people or their political survival? I think in our hearts we want to believe it is for the citizens, but in our heads we know it is about political survival. This is not what this country was built upon. The following paper will give a brief discussion of Patriotic Values and Policies, and I will examine a new theory, Principals of a Politician, where I use three elements: concepts, constructs, and definitions to clearly explain why this theory is valid.

Ten Principal Plan- “Patriotic Values and policies” Summary

It could be argued these ten principals are the heart of the American soul. These include: American Exceptionalism which means we are an exceptional country with roots in hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We need to lead by example, and we need to show humility. Society has been plagued with people who are lazy and want a hand out instead of working hard, earning the respect of others, and being humble. No one should be above working hard, getting their hands dirty, and sharing their experiences so that others may learn from them. Responsibility for the common good means those with wealth should give to those in need, and those who work should be properly supported and rewarded. Equality of opportunity regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background means we all have the opportunity to experience success. Policies should be put in place to bridge the gaps between rich, poor, and middle class. Patriotic capitalism means we as a nation believe in the fundamentals of market and trade. We examine these markets and make adjustments to better serve our country. Mutual obligation means share risks and we help one another in times of need, and we should help establish a legitimacy of mutual obligation in order to make sure everyone has the same benefits and expectation of goods and services. Service to country means to join the military or serve in the AmeriCorps or other community service. We have an obligation to serve our country in some capacity, be it volunteering or paid. Stewardship means to be conscious of the environment, resources, and the infrastructure. Take care of these things the best possible way so other generations can use and enjoy them. Common sense virtue means to be an example in the community in the things you do, watch, wear, and say. Promote peace instead of violence, so others may follow the same line of thinking. Tolerance and common cause means to bond together not by an idea, but as a society of action. We need to see things from the lens of one another. In order to achieve maximal potential we must have a common identity. Pragmatism means to stand against extremism, and to work together in order to find solutions. Through independent thinking and moral values we can be the best country in the world.

It is important to understand these principals. I believe these principals have validity to the common man, but they are only an ideological platform from which politicians use to build up support. In Principals of Politicians, I clearly explore the moral, ethical, and political values politicians are suppose to use. They are supposed to be representatives of the people, elected by the people, yet they do nothing for the people.

Principals of a Politician  

            Today’s definition of a politician is different from those of our fore fathers. Those men were building a nation based on the fundamental freedoms and ideas listed above. Today’s politician has no value in my opinion as they are mere political figures full of party ideologies with no will or care for the people. They are the unfortunate necessity of a political checks and balance system. To make matters worse, most of the laws, documents, policies, and spending have never been looked at by any of them, unless it has a direct affect on their political survival. This is not what this country was built on. It was built on things like honesty, integrity, and a strong central government for the people and by the people. The following is based on my own political theory of what needs to change in order to rebuild trust in the American politician.

Leadership is a central quality to have for a politician. He or she has been elected by the people, who believe politicians in positions of power will work for them. Politicians have some how made their way to this stage, and it is their duty to be a leader. The people want to be lead by someone they can trust, and who will do the right things to the best of their ability all the time. It’s the intrinsic qualities which separate those who say they are leaders, and those who are actually leaders.

Ethics based upon the fundamentals principals of this country, and it should be the foundation of a politician. Instead of empty words used within their corrupt culture, “we the people”, believe in a system which is fair to all men. There are rules of conduct which politicians should stay within. Not paying your taxes, cheating on your loved ones, the use of prostitutions and political power abuse are not within the standards of this country. Politicians have a responsibility to have morals, and they should always be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Should they be perfect? No, they are human, and they will make mistakes, but they should hold more responsibility for the way they conduct themselves every day, every hour, and every minute.

 They are Representatives of the people, so they should have the people’s best interest at heart. However, this has not been the case, and politicians continue to use words like, liberty, freedom, and change for their political platforms. They know people believe deeply in certain words and meanings, so why not use these terms for political survival?  Today’s politician is about political parties, political survival, political social networking and nothing to do with the people and their needs. How can Bills be passed when no one takes the time to read all of the ones that are to be voted on? Being a representative means you take the time and effort to support the needs of your constituents, understanding the issues.

A Trust Worthy politician no longer exists. The citizens of our country try and vote for the lesser of the evils. They know in their minds, their voice will never be heard, but in their hearts they want to believe in the greater cause.  There is no accountability in politics, and those in power can avoid trouble, in most cases, by selling their vote. Blackmailing, back stabbing, and lying are common unspoken words in politics. Why are there two standards? Why can politicians stay in office even though we can’t trust them? The “good ole boy” system is very much alive, even though we would like to think it does not exist. They are held to a high standard, and they are expected to live and work at an exceptional level.

            Being Devoted means to be loyal to the task. Politicians should be willing to risk their political careers to the people, if it reflects the people’s needs. Sometimes we have to step outside the comfort zone, push barriers, and do the right thing. Politicians need to be devoted to their job. Sometimes it means to take a deeper look within and ask tough questions. Am I doing all I can do? Can I do more, if so, how? How do people perceive me and why? By taking a step back for self evaluation means you are devoted enough to always improve yourself, listen to criticism, and be willing to change when needed.

Politicians should have a Strong Internal Motivation for service to their country and the people within its borders. They should strive each day to be the very best they can be. Politicians have gotten away from the privilege of being a politician, and they have moved towards the selfish internal side if motivation. Fame, prestige, and power are self serving ideologies, and those who use motivation to secure these should not be allowed to serve. However, there is no measurement to hold people accountable. Everyone’s perception is different and so are the things that motivate us. We have to keep perspective and focus on the things which are important. Politicians should do the same.

 Integrity means to have sound moral character, to be whole, and to live your life accordingly. Today’s politicians live a life no other citizens will understand. In many cases, there is no integrity, just survival. Like most big businesses, they have gotten away from what is important, the people. Instead, their own ideologies have taken the place of common sense. They need to take responsibility for their actions and inactions. They are human, mistakes will be made, but if they are living a life with integrity, more people will tend to believe were mistakes.

Why should a politician have Sustainability? The world we live in is uncertain from day to day. It is important that he or she is able to handle the situations they face. Good or bad, the way they conduct themselves is an important factor to consider. I will have to say most politicians have the ability to survive political fallout. However, sustainability is not always a good thing. Politicians should not put themselves in those positions.

 Global Thinking now, more than ever, is very important in the world we live in. The economy, capitalism, security, international relations, and creating a stronger infrastructure are issues which require someone who can think outside the box and globally. Even though we are the greatest country on earth, we need a politician who appreciates building these relationships to their greatest potential.


Today’s politician is concerned with self interest and survival, and it has to stop. The people of the United States are the most valuable resource because we keep the economy going, not the politician. It is my opinion, the principals of a politician I have outlined could make today’s politician stronger as we move forward. The days of the “good ole boy” system can no longer be tolerated. The people of the United States are tired of the same candidates and political correctness. We want something and someone different who is going to tell the truth, be brutally honest, and lead us from the front. This world is not the touchy feely world the majority of the population lives in. It is very complex, and the conflict and violence domestically and around the world is increasing. Above all, there is something bigger than the individual. Duty, honor, and respect should be the political foundation for the next generation.  What we have been doing the last 30 years has not been working.

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